IFS-informed BodyMind Treatments

with Finley de Witt (they/them)

Methods for bringing more harmony, ease and creativity into your system using a ‘bodymind’ approach.

‘I contain multitudes’

Walt Whitman, Bob Dylan

What’s on offer:

I offer an IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach to body and mind. This method is great for working with stress, anxiety, discomfort, inner conflict and developmental trauma. You’ll simply lie down, or sit, as you prefer, and we’ll begin to explore your sensations, thoughts, emotions or memories to discover the hidden experiences that are waiting to be healed. A key premise of this method is that we are all naturally multiple; we all have varied and contradictory thoughts, feelings and impulses, and all of these, no matter how painful or damaging, are at their heart benign – they are trying to help us. When we approach these parts of ourselves with curiosity and compassion they will naturally soften, revealing their intention to soothe, distract or protect us in spite of their limited resources. As we listen to our feelings and concerns, and compassionately witness what our systems have been through, over time more options, ease and creativity will open up.

IFS Internal Family Systems Finley de WittAbout Finley

I’ve been working with minds and bodies all my adult life – over thirty-five years!  After graduating from Cambridge University I trained for three years as a shiatsu practitioner while also working with young adult survivors of child sex abuse.  Over the following years I trained in a number of bodywork modalities including Thai massage, sport and remedial massage, TRE (tension, stress and trauma releasing exercises), yoga, and movement for people with disabilities.  At the same time I explored a number of processes to help with my own mental health issues, and subsequently became a trainer and workshop facilitator specialising in mental health awareness.  For twenty years I supported groups of people across the UK to understand mental and emotional distress in ways that are compassionate and non-pathologising.   Finally, in 2020, I discovered IFS, which was a game changer.  Over the next couple of years I undertook 250 hours of training in order to use this method in my own work, as well as working personally with an IFS Level 3 practitioner – over 100 hours and counting!  I receive ongoing support and supervision in this method, as well as continuing to train to ensure my client work is supportive, rich and sensitive.

What next?

The best way to get a sense of the process is to experience it.  You can simply go ahead and email me to book a full hour’s session with me in person, and take it from there.  All sessions are £65 for the hour.

Other offers:

If you would like some self-care/first aid tools for regulating your nervous system I can teach you TRE (tension, stress and trauma releasing exercises).

If you have chronic pain I can share with you some of the revolutionary findings from pain science research, which explain how understanding your pain better can help to soften and change it.

If you’re in need of some ‘quick fix’ hands on treatment, I offer a range of styles including Thai massage and oils based massage.

How To Book

Please email me:  finleyinhastings[a]gmail.com