IFS-informed BodyMind Treatments

How many sessions of the IFS-informed approach would I need?

It depends!  I recommend trying a session first to discover whether it resonates with you.  The more you do, the deeper and more transformative the work can be.

Can I work with you online?

Yes.  I have a limited number of online slots available.

Why can’t I phone you?

I have a number of hearing issues including low frequency hearing loss, hyperacusis and tinnitus, which make phonecalls challenging.   When I can see your face I can follow you clearly.

Can I combine treatments?

It’s possible to split your hour session between IFS-informed exploration and some hands-on treatment or grounding/embodiment techniques, or some pain science education.   I don’t recommend trying to explore more than two approaches in one session, and to get the best out of the approach it’s often best to stick with one.

TRE takes an hour to learn so it doesn’t combine well with other methods to begin with, but later on we may be able to incorporate it into whatever else we’re exploring together.

Can you do home visits?

At the moment I don’t have capacity for this, sorry.

More questions?

Drop me an email and I’ll respond as soon as I can: finleyinhastings[at]gmail.com