Positive Neuroplasticity

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Positive Neuroplasticity

The neuroplasticity practices Spike teaches are such a valuable resource.’ – E Stopford

Body-Mind-Healing-Hastings-St-Leonards-East-Sussex-pain-management-stress-relief-TRE-trauma-release-exercises-massage-illustration-of-person-with-cat-turning-a-state-into-a-traitPositive Neuroplasticity is not ‘positive thinking’ or ‘positive visualisation’, but rather a practice of finding and creating real experiences of wellbeing that can then be repeatedly recalled until they are consolidated in long term memory, creating a background emotional tone that is robust, resilient and content.

What happens in a session?

To begin with, we’ll chat about what brings you to the session, and explore what qualities you’d like to grow: what inner strengths would help you the most, what you long to feel more of, or what you’d like to draw on to counteract the difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions you experience.

We can then start to build some awareness of the qualities and strengths that are already there in the background for you, and we can create opportunities to grow new inner resources.  You will learn how to begin to turn a passing beneficial experience (of wellbeing, ease, vitality, etc) into a lasting trait.

If you like, at no extra cost, you can combine a session of Positive Neuroplasticity with a massage of your choice, embodied healing session or TRE (tension, stress and trauma release exercise).  This multi-faceted approach will create even greater positive effects and really turbo-charge the healing process.  Have a look around this website for more information on these additional approaches.

Book a session with Spike – all sessions are £60 per hour

More about Positive Neuroplasticity

As an inherent property of the nervous system, there’s a deep down essence or core in each of us that is awake, present, interested and quietly happy.’   Dr Rick Hanson, Phd, Neuropsychologist.

Positive Neuroplasticity is a learning process designed to create greater wellbeing and resilience by changing our relationship with our minds and bodies.  It is based on credible and extensive evidence from neuroscience that we can change the structure and function of our neurons (a key part of our nervous system) through regular, focused attention on beneficial experiences:  ‘Neurons that fire together, wire together’.   The research shows that good habits of thinking, feeling, moving and behaving can promote very real long term change.  Our experiences are continually changing our brains anyway in a natural process, including emotional and perceptual change, so it makes sense to turbo-charge the patterns of activation we most want to retain through really dwelling on and absorbing everyday beneficial experiences.

No-one is anxious, tense, or in pain for every waking second (though it might feel like that!).  There will be exceptional moments, perhaps fleeting, unnoticed or forgotten at first, when your attention is fully diverted and engaged in something more soothing.  At those moments, your nervous system stops sending the ‘danger’ messages that give you so much discomfort and distress.  I will work with you so that you learn how to create more of those soothing moments, and I will teach you how to enrich and absorb them so they are not just a passing state, but they become something more enduring that you can draw on throughout your day.

Book a session with Spike – all sessions are £60 per hour